About Too Blue Boutique

10 Cool Facts About Too Blue : 

1. Too Blue is located in the Old Distillery at 109 W. Gundlach St. - Columbia, Illinois 

2. Too Blue is owned by Addie Hohman

3. Addie has 2 blue-eyed children, which inspired the name Too Blue

4. You may see Ashlyn, Breeyn, Bryce L, Calli, Courtney, Denise, Nicole, Peyton or Rachel working or modeling for Too Blue.

5. One of our employees may marry Justin Bieber one day.......

6. You can follow Too Blue on : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube AND Snapchat

7. Sarah Quernheim with Angled Eye Photography is Too Blue's amazing photographer

8. We love bright lipstick, Starbucks & tea

9. Too Blue loves to make a difference 

10. We hope to see you soon!